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Blooms & Whirls (Grape) Shelf Paper & Drawer Liner(7338)

An explosion of grape, mauve, and deep violet blooms with white accents.
12\"x10\' rolls start at $25.00 ($2.50/sq ft)!
Two convenient roll sizes available
Cut-to-Size orders start at $3.75/sq ft!
Save time and money: let us cut your items to size for you
or Discount Code Details
Consider Fine Weave Fabric and Satin Canvas for covering furniture or storage spaces on display-so unexpected and elegant!
Chic Shelf Paper's Laminated Vinyl is twice the thickness of Con-tact™ Paper so it's heavier and more durable. That's quality!
We can create a solid color Chic Shelf Paper from any of the hues in our patterns. So now you can pair a pattern with an exactly matched solid. How cool is that?
Use the Chic Shelf Paper Cut-to-Size service to receive your order pre-cut and ready to install! Just peel and stick.
Like us on Facebook to enter (frequent!) giveaways and get Chic Shelf Paper news about new pattern launches and more.
Chic Shelf Paper can print select patterns in any color. Just choose designs in the Customizable pattern category and follow the simple instructions.
Coordinating by color? Just use the handy Search box in 'Browse' and type in the color you are looking for. Only patterns with that color will be displayed.
Use Chic Shelf Paper to create fresh and sanitary surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom-and add style in the process!
Use Chic Shelf Paper instead of plain paint to easily bring pattern and texture to flea market finds. Check out our Idea Gallery for how-to's.
Matte Paper is a great choice for dresser drawers-and you can add a protective coating for added durability.
Check out the Chic Shelf Paper Idea Gallery to get fun and unusual ideas!
Chic Shelf Paper adhesives are easy to reposition during installation-and  easy to remove when you want a change.
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About Our Samples:
USA: Chic Shelf Paper offers 4 free 3.5” by 5.9” inch samples so customers can examine our high-quality material choices and view colors accurately. If you want more than 4 samples, the cost is $1 each.

International: Customers are charged a small handling fee of $1USD for each sample.

Typically, sample orders are processed and mailed once per week. Most customers receive samples within 10 business days of placing their orders.

My measurement is in:
Blooms & Whirls (Grape)

Min. 4.0in & Max. 96.0in

Min. 10cm & Max. 244cm


Min. 4.0in & Max. 24.0in

Min. 10cm & Max. 60cm

Additional options (exact cut & rotate print)

Exact Cut
Rotate Print 90 Degrees

About Our Samples:
USA: Chic Shelf Paper offers 4 free 3.5” by 5.9” inch samples so customers can examine our high-quality material choices and view colors accurately. If you want more than 4 samples, the cost is $1 each.

International: Customers are charged a small handling fee of $1USD for each sample.

Typically, sample orders are processed and mailed once per week. Most customers receive samples within 10 business days of placing their orders.

Cut-to Size Price
Roll Price
Roll Price

Additional options

Additional options


Assign a description to your project, either the room or furniture where you intend to use a roll or list where each piece of your Cut-to-Size order will go (Utensil drawer, for example.)
Price: $0.00 Each

Quality Materials

At Chic Shelf Paper, quality counts!

We only use high-quality materials. That means no skimpy papers, vinyls, or fabrics. For example, our most popular material, Laminated Vinyl, is twice the thickness of Con-Tact Paper™, so it's more durable. Our Matte Paper is heavy and thick. You can feel the difference when you order a free sample!

Products at a Glance

  Moderate Adhesive Cleanable/ Waterproof Surface Surface Texture Priced From per SqFt
Laminated Vinyl YES YES matte $3.25
Heavy Matte Paper not available optional matte $2.50
Fine-weave Fabric YES not available fine weave $4.00
Satin Canvas Fabric edge optional not available coarse weave $5.75

Suggested Material Use

Application Vinyl Paper Fabric
Bathroom x    
Book Case x x x
Children's Room x x x
Crafts x x x
Dresser Drawers   x x
Furniture x x x
Garage x    
Home Office x x x
Kitchen x    
Laundry Room x    
Linen Closet   x x
Pantry x    
Shoe Rock x    
Walk In Closet   x x
Wall Paper   x x


Material Descriptions

Chic Shelf Paper offers its designer patterns on your choice of 4 materials.

Please Note: Colors vary on different materials; if an exact color match is important to you, please order a free sample.

Laminated Vinyl  

  • Our most popular material for kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Exceptionally high-quality, matte finish material that is twice the thickness of Con-Tact™ paper
  • Recommended for any project where you expect occasional moisture or want a cleanable and durable surface.  This surface is impervious to most stains.
  • Adhesive: Laminated Vinylfeatures a self-adhesive backing that's easy to reposition and remove.

Matte Paper

  • Thick, heavy paper ideal for drawers or storage areas that don't get heavy wear-and-tear
  • Perfect for adding a splash of color to dresser drawers
  • Not recommended for surfaces exposed to moisture
  • For added ease of cleaning durability, a clear protective coating is available
  • Adhesive: Not offered with adhesive

Fine Weave Fabric

  • High-quality, light-textured fabric with a dull or non-reflective finish
  • Recommended for vertical surfaces such as the back of a china cupboard, bookcase or wall as well dresser drawers and linen closets
  • Not recommended for wet areas
  • Adhesive: Our Fine Weave Fabric features an adhesive backing that's easy to reposition and remove.
Fine Fine Weave Fabric

Satin Canvas

  • An artist canvas material with a coarse weave providing a unique texture
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Not recommended for wet areas.
  • Adhesive: Edge adhesive available to prevent slippage and ensure a smooth surface.
Satin Satin Canvas

Finally! Good Looking Shelf Paper

“A company called Chic Shelf Paper has taken the reins and is offering shelf paper that I wouldn’t mind people actually seeing. In fact, I would like people to notice...

Also, (and this may be the most amazing part of all), they will happily do some of their designs in a custom color to match your wall paint or fabric perfectly.”

“You offer the chicest shelf papers! Plus the quality is much higher than normal Contact Paper.”
—Mary R., Washington, DC

“Just because an area is designed for storage doesn’t mean that it can’t benefit from a wave of the style wand. Case in point, the interiors of your kitchen cabinets or bathroom drawers.

Are yours lined with generic marbleized shelf paper that you picked up at the nearest discount store? Don’t you deserve better?

There is a big, beautiful world of fun patterns just waiting for you at Chic Shelf  I’d even leave my kitchen junk drawer open if it was lined in this paper!”

“What stunning customer service you have.  I am truly impressed.”
Lisa B., Clinton, WI

“If you've ever wondered where one could find a shelf paper with updated colors and patterns, look no further than

For effortless installation, Chic Shelf Paper offers customers the option to provide shelf and drawer measurements for perfect-fit papers and liners.”

“Thank you for the free offer to try samples. Honestly, your choices are so great. Nothing else comes close!”
—Janice P, Palo Alto, CA

“I think I have found the answer to my decorating dreams! Just got the samples this A.M. So excited!”
—Holly S., Oklahoma City, OK

“Chic Shelf Paper has me thinking redoing my drawers is the perfect way to start spring off on the right foot.

What better way to celebrate new beginnings than to empty out drawers filled with who-knows-what, cleaning them and then placing lovely, clean shelf paper that immediately brightens your mood as soon as you open the drawer?”

“These samples are impressive.”
- Sarah D., Martha's Vineyard, MA

Patterned Bookshelf Lining Paper

“Fine-weave fabrics and matte papers are a welcome update to the wash-and-wear shelf paper that’s meant to be concealed in the kitchen drawer.

Companies like Chic Shelf Paper are bringing metallic hues and geometrics into the limelight, along with traditional patterns, so your DIY project can look as industrial or elegant as you like.”

“Chic Shelf Paper has the largest assortment of solids and patterned shelf and drawer papers that I've ever seen.

If cutting liners is not your forte, Chic Shelf also offers a cut-to-size service, as well as tips on how to remove that old sticky liner that's been on your shelves for eons.”

“I received my shelf paper and love it!  It was cut to order for the shelves of my great-grandmother’s ‘lawyer’s case’ and each sheet fits perfectly!

So glad I found you—you have a great product!
—Melissa F., Bloomington, IL

“Chic Shelf Paper's fine weave fabric… is really a unique product.  The adhesive is engineered to be removable; the properties of the adhesive are more like a post-it-note than duct tape. As a result, it makes a perfect wall covering for the backs of my bookshelves as there is no reflection or sheen from the surface like typical shelf paper. It has a textured matte finish and will stay in place until I choose remove it.”

“I thought the quality was wonderful. I appreciate your good service.”
—Edith Z., New York, New York

“Just the other day, I was in Lowe’s and took a detour down the shelf paper aisle….I couldn’t find  anything that was even halfway decent.

The founders of Chic Shelf paper faced the same problem. They have developed a line of shelf papers like you’ll find nowhere else, made of high-quality vinyl, fabric, and paper with over 300 patterns.”

“We just received our order, and we're so very pleased.  Thank you so much.”
—Misti S., Greencastle, IN

“I will spread the word. This is such a unique product; it's so hard to find something that is this cute and practical!”
—Rebecca M., Colchester, VT

“You’ll never buy blah contact paper again. With more than 300 styles — from the whimsical ‘Birds & Berries’ to the sexy ‘Cheetah to the edgy ‘I’m Riveted’ — makes lining drawers and shelves way more fun.”

“I received my order and love your product.”
—Brenda C., Murrieta, CA

“I came across this wonderful product. It’s by Chic Shelf They have so many different patterns so you’re sure to find one that suits you perfectly.

But what was really amazing was the terrific customer service and the actual product.

The product’s original use is to line drawers, so it isn’t that wide. I wanted to use it to line the back of this cabinet. I left a message on their web site. They promptly called me and easily solved the problem by giving me the directions to insert in my order.

Another amazing aspect of this product, is that for a very minimal cost they will cut the paper for you so that it fits your exact dimensions. “


Domestic Shipping

How long will my order take?

Chic Shelf Paper is a print on demand provider so every item we ship, including samples, is made to customer specification.  We ship from California.  Our default shipping method for domestic orders is by ground carrier with no signature required.   

Less complex orders such as rolls generally take 1-3 business days to process.  More complex orders, like many cut-to-size components, or multiple materials, can take 3-6 business days to process.

Shipping to most U.S. West Coast destinations takes 1-3 days and East Coast delivery can be 6-7 business days. 

Express service and other options are available.  If you don’t see what you need, please contact us at  

How long does a sample order take?

Sample orders are processed once per week and shipped by first class mail.

How much does shipping cost?

To get pricing, add your order to the shopping cart. You can get a quote by clicking the Estimate Shipping link after you have inputted your zip code. 



Our products are rolled and shipped in a firm cardboard tube, and the contents are in a sealed plastic sleeve to protect against inclement weather.  We include thorough installation instructions and a small hand tool to help you achieve great results.


Secure Delivery

We recommend shipping to a secure location with someone present to receive your order.  Select a business or a trusted neighbor for delivery if you aren’t expected to be home when your shipment arrives.  If tracking indicates a successful delivery to your requested ship-to address, we cannot replace your order at no cost.    


International Samples

We provide free samples but due to increased postage for international orders, we must charge a small handling fee of $1.00USD per sample.   Sample orders are processed once per week and shipped by first class mail.


International Orders

Our default shipping option for international orders is First Class International Parcel service offered by the US Postal service. (View the USPS postage price calculator here.).   Delivery times can vary but generally take between 1-3 weeks to reach their destination.  Postage for a small roll of Chic Shelf Paper generally starts between $9-$15 depending on the destination.

Content weight can vary costs for international shipments dramatically.  One small roll of our Laminated Vinyl weighs slightly over 1 pound (.45kilos) when packaged.  Shipments over 4 pounds (1.8kilos) are subject to Priority Mail rate schedule.

We recommend shipping international orders with optional insurance.  While we have had good experience with internationally mailed parcels, lost shipments will not be replaced without insurance.

We change $4 for customs paperwork and handling on international orders.  International orders with a value over $400 are subject to increased customs requirements and so we may charge a slightly higher handling fee.

Warranty Policy

This Limited Warranty applies only to Chic Shelf Paper products purchased by the original consumer; it is not applicable to resold products.

What is Covered - Chic Shelf Paper warrants that our products are free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of one (1) year from purchase. The warranty period starts on date on the order receipt.

At our option, Chic Shelf Paper will either (1) exchange the defective product with product that is new, or (2) refund the original purchase price of the product. In no case shall the liability exceed the purchase price of the product.

What is Not Covered - Adhesive backed Chic Shelf Paper products must be applied to sound surfaces.  Chic Shelf Paper will not be liable for damages from application to compromised surfaces. Compromised surfaces can include, but are not limited to: improperly installed or poorly maintained shelves, cupboards, cabinets or drawers, application to fragile or antique furniture, surfaces or components that include loose or missing pieces, insect or water damage, uncured or loose paint, or other contaminants. To ensure your surfaces will accept adhesive backed products, we recommend you first test the surface with standard adhesive tape (such as 3M shipping tape).

Losses that occur from damage while product is in-transit is the responsibility of the shipper. If you have a shipping claim, please let us know and we will work with you to replace the damaged product.

How to Obtain Warranty Service - If the product does not function as promised during the warranty period, please contact with your order number and an explanation of the issue. Send an email to:

Chic Shelf Paper
116075 Vineyard Blvd, Suite B
Morgan Hill, CA 95037

Returns Policy

Chic Shelf Paper prints each order on demand, and as a result, we do not accept returns or exchanges.

To familiarize customers with our patterns, colors, and high-quality materials, Chic Shelf Paper offers free samples so customers can try before they buy.

Chic Shelf Paper products are sold under warranty. In the rare instance you receive a defective product, Chic Shelf Paper will replace or refund your purchase.

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Terms and Conditions

Upon checkout or account registration, the following terms apply:

Payment - Chic Shelf Paper products must be paid in full at the time of purchase. Projects may be configured and held for 90 days, however saved projects will not be processed into an order until payment is received.

Order Processing - Chic Shelf Paper normally processes and ships orders within 3-5 business days. If there is something unusual that prevents us from processing your order, we will contact you via email. If you have not received a confirmation or other notice from us within a few days of your order, please check your spam filter. If you receive no confirmation, we probably have not received your order. You can check the status of your order at

*Shipping - Free shipping for qualifying orders offer is only available within the continental U.S. Chic Shelf Paper uses FedEx ground service and can only deliver to street addresses. We ship from California and most orders arrive at their destination within 5 business days.