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Chevron Contact Paper ~ 14 Hues

Chevron Collage

Oh, chevron!  Wikipedia says this design element has been around since 1800 BC. It was found in Crete (Greece) on pottery and rock carvings.

In today’s home decor scene, its used as a style element on walls, pillows, drapes — the list goes on.

Chic Shelf Paper just added chevron shelf liners in 14 color choices.  Sold as contact paper as well as a drawer liner (Heavy Matte Paper) or in Fine Weave Fabric, we only use modern adhesives that are easy to reposition and remove.

As a creative idea, cchevron stair riserhevron elements make a cool graphic statement for stair risers (see photo left.)

If you’re fan of chevron, I hope you enjoy our new collection!



Modern Gingham Contact Paper

We’ve just added a series of classic contact paper gingham designs in fresh and traditional colors. Gingham is popular everywhere these days; have you seen it in blazers from J Crew, scarves, and tops? On the decor front, you’ll find it on pillows; duvets, and drapes.

The more muted colors like Charcoal, classic Black, Beige, and
 are lovely as shelf or drawer liners for the kitchen or bathroom vanity.

Collage Gingham

For kids or teens’ bedrooms, I like the vibrancy of Royal or Violet as a drawer liner, to add style to white laminate furniture, or as a locker paper. You can reposition it easily and remove it fast; there’s no residue!

Use Chic Shelf Paper gingham designs to protect your investment in cabinetry after a kitchen or bathroom remodel. Guard against scratches and stains or just add a cheerful finishing touch. You’ll be glad you did!

We hope you enjoy our new gingham collection!

$2 Garage Sale Find Is Transformed with Decorative Contact Paper by Chic Shelf Paper

Today we are featuring a lovely hutch makeover. Our customer, Amy from Michigan, used paint and Nottingham Damask from Chic Shelf Paper for this furniture flip.

Read below for all of the details.

“I line every drawer in the furniture I paint, the devil is in the details and your paper makes a wonderful finishing touch. I love to see people open a drawer and see that pop of color!”  — Amy S


Amy Scanlon Hutch

Hutch Makeover with Nottingham Damask contact paper by Chic Shelf Paper

In Amy’s words:

I found the wall hutch at a garage sale for $2. Thats right 2 bucks!

The original finish was an old ugly dark wood. It had a huge crack on the back of the hutch, so I knew I could not paint it because the crack would show.  I also wanted a subtle design on the back so Chic Shelf Paper was the perfect solution. This piece was screaming for Nottingham Damask.

I cleaned up the piece, cause it was filthy. I painted the hutch with  Annie Sloan French Linen chalk paint and painted the drawers in Annie Sloan Old White.

I placed the paper on the back after I measured twice and ordered it to Cut-to-Size. I also lined the drawers with Nottingham Damask for an extra pop. I lightly distressed it with sandpaper and put a coat of wax on for protection.

The hardware came from another garage sale. There was an old dresser that was in horrible shape. It had 6 drawers but 3 of the drawers were missing its hardware. I bought the dresser for the hardware alone. Cost of dresser was $5.

I gave this hutch to my sister as a house-warming present and she loves it! The best part is no one else has it! She uses it to display some black and white pictures, and some other odds and ends.

I love it seeing it at her house!


Amy, we are so impressed with this lovely makeover!

To view all of the Chic Shelf Paper Damask designs, available in contact paper, fabric, and heavy paper for drawer liners, click here.

Creating a Kitchen Remodel Mood Board

My friend, Sara, recently shared a few elements of her dream kitchen with me via a virtual mood board.

Here’s Sara’s board with cabinet, lighting, and granite:

kitchen remodel image for blog v2

I added a few Chic Shelf Paper contact paper design selections (Oak Leaf Marsala, Climbing Vines Greige, and Tobacco Tiles) to give her a sense of the range of patterns that she could select from, which is easy to do by clicking on the zoom feature under each design and saving the pattern online.

Mood or design boards, virtual or not, allow you to easily share ideas with vendors and family members (your Mr, Mrs, etc.) and helps you to envision how patterns, colors, and textures work together.

Today,  you can search for and capture these details on Pinterest, Houzz, or print them out on the handy home printer and tack them on a actual real life mood board.

(That sure beats the days of cutting out photos from magazines and pasting them on paper with Elmer’s Glue. Yes, friends, I’m that old.)

Sara’s investment in her kitchen will really contribute to her home’s value and she wants to keep the new cabinetry pristine so she immediately thought of Chic Shelf Paper contact paper. It’s twice as thick as regular contact paper and has SO MANY more pattern choices.  (Plus she’s my friend.)

Her pattern pic? Oak Leaf Marsala.

As she fine-tunes her kitchen remodeling project, Sara will add design elements such as faucets, flooring, appliance color, paint, furniture (bar stools and kitchen table) and artwork.

What’s your favorite tool for creating mood or design boards?

Stylish IKEA Chair Makeover with Chic Shelf Paper Contact Paper

We’re always excited to see Chic Shelf Paper contact paper in action, and we recently received this photo from our customer, Maureen from Illinois. It’s one of her kitchen chairs that was given a fresh, new look with Chic Shelf Paper.

Maureen tells us that she upgraded a plain IKEA chair with our contact paper (which I think is this Ikea chair here.)

It was painted a solid black base and then the back was covered with Birds & Berries in Laminated Vinyl.

I love how the yellow backdrop with gold, orange, and green, really pops against the black seat. Birds & Berries Chair FB

Thanks to Maureen for sharing the photo and giving all of us another unique idea about how to use Chic Shelf Paper around the home!

Re-Style White Laminate Bathroom Cabinets with Chic Shelf Paper Contact Paper

White laminate cabinetry is everywhere. In our home, we inherited several cabinets from the previous homeowners that lost their luster. They are either dull, stained (yuck!) or just plain and uninspiring.

Chic Shelf Paper Windblown Whispers contact paper


Chic Shelf Paper contact paper to the rescue! I simply measured the under-cabinet and ordered a piece that was cut-to-size. When it arrived, the install took just a few minutes: I just had to peel off the backing and position it after making sure the cabinet was super clean. (See tips here.) Chic Shelf Paper is easily re-positionable and removable.

I selected the Windblown Whispers design. I like the way the soft blue looks in an all-white bathroom. (This design is only available at our store.)

The vanity looks so much nicer with the Chic Shelf Paper in it! It covered up the discolorations while adding a protective, pretty liner.

Now, when I reach under the sink to retrieve fresh towels and toiletries, I say “ah-h-h” instead of “ugh.”




File Cabinet Flip with Chic Shelf Paper contact paper


HGTV Magazine takes a dingy file cabinet and transforms it with Chic Shelf Paper.

Turn a flea market find into a fabulous item for your home by taking a
boring, beige file cabinet and stylizing it with gold paint and Chic Shelf Paper’s
Gold Leaf Damask pattern.

This project was created by the HGTV team, and I love the idea of recycling used household items and furniture.

Personalizing the things we use all the time is not only satisfying, but it helps save the landfills too!

Here are the complete instructions:

Materials Needed:

  • screwdriver
  • medium-grit sandpaper
  • all-purpose spray cleaner
  • paintbrush
  • acrylic primer for metal
  • latex paint
  • adhesive shelf paper
  • metal ruler
  • utility knife
  • straight edge (like an old credit card)
  1. Clean and Prep

Remove the cabinet’s hardware. Note how it was assembled so you can put it back on later. Rough up the metal with the sandpaper, then wipe down the cabinet with the cleaner.

  1. Prime and Paint

Prime the cabinet — except the drawer fronts, which you’ll be covering — and let dry.sherwin williams bee wax

Then paint over the areas you primed. We used Bee’s Wax by HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams. Let dry.

  1. Add Chic Shelf Paper contact paper

Measure a drawer front and add 3/8″ to each side. Draw measurements on the back of the shelf paper (we used Chic Shelf Paper in Gold Leaf Damask) and cut with the utility knife. Here are some other favorite designs:

6 samples for preview edit


(1st Row): Gold Leaf Damask; Distressed Damask; Cheetah

(2nd Row): Pastel Green Subtle Stripe; In the Navy Polka Dot; Ikat in Light Blue

Unpeel the top of the paper and wrap it around the drawer’s top edge. Slowly unpeel a little more at a time, smoothing the paper over the front of the drawer, first with your hands, then with the straight edge, to eliminate air bubbles.

Make a small cut in each corner of the shelf paper; neatly wrap it over the drawer’s edges. Repeat for the other drawers, then reattach the hardware, puncturing through the paper.

That’s it! Enjoy your file cabinet flip!

If you have an unusual application for Chic Shelf Paper, drop us a line at! We would love to showcase it!



Creative Cat Jungle Features Chic Shelf Paper Contact Paper

We love it when we learn about creative uses for Chic Shelf Paper! This one is from Barbra, who created free-roaming cat rooms for the Humane Society in Chattanooga, Tennessee using Chic Shelf Paper.

Don’t our Leopard Skin and Zebra designs suit this project perfectly?

cat jungle


The cat jungle features stairs as well as sleeping cubbies.

Chic Shelf Paper was also used on the window frames to continue the theme. That’s our “Tiger Skin” design!
jungle room windows


Barbra said she chose Chic Shelf Paper contact paper because it was pretty, fit her theme,  is also water- (urine) proof and can be easily cleaned in high cat traffic areas.

Barb created the cubbies from plastic crates at Target that she and her team connected together.

Lucky cats!


Interior Designer Ada Gonzalez Shows How to Add a Chic Shelf Paper POP to Cabinets

Photo courtesy of Ada's Design Inc.

Photo courtesy of Ada’s Design Inc.

Chic Shelf Paper recently had the opportunity to collaborate with interior designer, Ada Gonzalez of Ada’s Design Inc. Ada is a New-York based interior decorator who specializes in economical solutions and has clients throughout the USA.

Ada used Chic Shelf Paper as a backing to transform her client’s Odessa’s dark cabinets in the living room and dining room.

blog photo ada gonzalez blue tiles after

Photo courtesy of Ada’s Design Inc.

In Ada’s words, “When you add a light color background as we did in Odessa’s cabinets, everything in front of it shows up smiling front and center strutting their beauty.” We couldn’t agree more!

Chic Shelf Paper was used in Odessa’s living room media  cabinets  (right) with our Cornflower Blue Tiles design in elegant Fine Weave Fabric. Our Tiles series can be customized with any color; learn more here.

Using Chic Shelf Paper contact paper (Laminated Vinyl) or Fine Weave Fabric as backing in bookcases, cabinets, or built-ins is easy. Ada used our Cut-to-Size  service so installation was super fast. She provided the measurements of her project during the order process and each piece arrived professionally pre-cut — just peel and stick. Our Cut-to-Size service not only saves time, but it can also save money because you only purchase the exact square feet needed. Who doesn’t love that?!

ada gonzalez dining room curio tranformation with Chic Shelf Paper.

Ikat in Lemon makes lovely backdrop on this cabinet. Barware, linens, and accessories really pop! Cabinet photo courtesy of Ada’s Design Inc.

In the dining room curio cabinet (right), Chic Shelf Paper’s contact paper design, Ikat Lemon, added a sunny contrast. The material is our durable Laminated Vinyl, which is twice the thickness of contact paper.

Check out Ada’s blog, where you get the how-to steps, complete with before and after photos.

A special thanks to Ada for her creativity with Chic Shelf Paper and the lovely accessories styling which complemented it so well.