Adhesive qualities

I saw Francie’s post on non-adhesive options, and I wanted to add some commentary about our philosophy.

First, for adhesive options for shelf paper and drawer liners, we exclusively use what is called “repositionable” adhesive.  The idea here is two-fold:  First, it allows you to adjust the position — hence the repositionable name! — during installation without damage to the material.  So if you are installing, and don’t get it exactly in the right position, there is little drama to lifting it up and re-sticking in the correct place.

The second idea behind this concept is the one that homeowners have come to dread about Contact Paper:  it becomes one with your shelf or drawer surfaces and is impossible to remove.  ChicShelfPaper.coms’s materials with repositionable adhesive are designed to be removed easily — even after years of use.

This solution addresses concerns about damage to your cabinets, and is an awesome, well engineered choice.  We’ve been using repositionable adhesive in our dish cupboard since well before we launched ChicShelfPaper and really enjoy its performance.

Second, as Francie mentioned, we do have products without adhesive.  Our matte paper and canvas products are offered without adhesive, and they really work nicely by just laying them a drawer bottom.  The sides of the drawer hold it in place assuming it is cut to proper size.

Third, if you really like the canvas or paper finishes, we can also ADD a repositionable  adhesive option to those materials too.  I would recommend this if you choose the paper or canvas for a shelf or cubby or some surface that may allow the covering to slide around.   An optional edge or full-backed adhesive will keep that paper in place.

Finally, though it’s not on the website, we do offer a strong adhesive alternative too.  Yesterday I spoke with Krisi from Blooming Prairie, MN who wanted to wrap the front edge of her kitchen cupboard shelves.  She needed a durable laminated product, but because the shelves have square edges, the repositionable adhesive may pull away over time.

The answer is we will make a custom product for Krisi using a stronger adhesive backing.  Matte paper laminated with vinyl on the top surface and a very strong two sided adhesive on the bottom surface.   She gets the print of her choice with a durable laminated covering, and a strong adhesive backing in a situation where she required a little more strength than the repositionable adhesive provided.  We were delighted we could help!

Bottom line:  What ever your needs, give us a chance to come up with a solution.

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