Black and White Shelf Paper

Hi Everyone,

Happy Easter.

We have had a lot of requests lately for black shelf paper — and interestingly (to me anyway) — white shelf paper.

My thought on these basics is that this isn’t where our value lies.  There are many sources for basic black and white shelf paper that most of us could buy within a few minutes drive from our homes.  So I’m not sure either of these make sense for us to carry regularly, but this brings up two ideas:

1. If you prefer our materials over what you can find at your local hardware store, we will happily produce black or white shelf paper for you.  Just please drop us a email and let us know your needs.

2. We have added some black and white geometric designs to our pattern choices which can make a bold statement depending on your environment.

Black and white can add some drama to the right situation, and I particularly like the concentric circles one.  If there are particular ideas you’d like to see, give us the chance to help you out.

As always, if we can offer ideas, solutions, suggestions or help of any kind, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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