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Chandelier Damask (Wheat) Chic Shelf Paper

Chandelier Damask (Wheat) Chic Shelf Paper contact paper protects (and adds style to!) a kitchen drawer

Earn a coupon for $25 off your next order at Chic Shelf Paper by sharing your project!
Here’s how it works:

1) Take 2-4 full resolution photos of your completed Chic Shelf Paper pro-ject. Shoot your project from a few different views.

We must be able to clearly see the Chic Shelf Paper design.

2) Email photos in JPEG format to jenna@chicshelfpaper.com.

3) If we use your project, you will be emailed an exclusive coupon code for $25 off your next order at Chic Shelf Paper.com.

Serendipity Serenade Chic Shelf Paper

Serendipity Serenade by Chic Shelf Paper is used to add color to a plain cupboard

Get creative!  Both traditional and imaginative uses of Chic Shelf Paper can qualify. 

(See our blog for examples.) 

Snap a few photos! We would love to see your Chic Shelf Paper project!




Terms and Conditions:

Photos should not contain human or animal subjects.  Submitted photos become the property of Chic Shelf Paper and will not be returned.  By submitting a photo, you are relinquishing your rights to that photo and granting permission to Chic Shelf Paper to use the images on our website and/or in our marketing activities.  Photos may be edited.  Photo credits will not disclose private information; they will include your first name and your location.  (Example: Annie from New Mexico).  A $25 coupon will be issued by email on or about the date the image is published; the coupon will be valid for one year from the date issued.

Chic Shelf Paper Releases Contact Paper Designs in Marsala, Pantone’s Color of the Year

If you follow design trends, then you know that the interior design community has been abuzz with the news that Pantone’s color of the year for 2015 is Marsala.

Chic Shelf Paper is now offering Marsala in two designs, Ikat in Marsala, and Oak Leaf Marsala. Both designs are available as self-adhesive shelf/drawer liners or without adhesive. Chic Shelf Paper is also available in an elegant Fine Weave Fabric.


Why Marsala? Pantone executive Leatrice Eiseman says this, “Marsala enriches our mind, body and soul, exuding confidence and stability. Marsala is a subtly seductive shade, one that draws us into its embracing warmth. “

Whether you want to use our Ikat in Marsala or Oak Leaf Marsala for traditional uses in kitchens and bathrooms, as a drawer liner, or another creative project, we’re excited to offer it!

What do you think of Marsala as color of the year?



View our New Modern Contact Paper Collection!

We’re excited to reveal 17 designer contact paper designs today! This collection of designs has been created exclusively for Chic Shelf Paper.

View the complete collection of designs and colors in right here in New Arrivals.

We’ve added a modern twist on the classic “Ikat” design, available in 8 colors including Lemon, Light Blue, and  Slate Gray.

“Whimsical Birdhouses” shelf and drawer liner is a folk-art inspired design with a pretty mix spring green, purple, pink and blue colors.

4 arrivals

Top Row: Ikat (Lemon), Whimsical Birdhouses; Bottom: Moderne, Oak Leaf (Marsala)

 “Moderne” is a mix of neutral tones in a classic design. It coordinates with wood tones, and it looks fresh and modern as a backing in built-ins or the family media center.

Oak Leaf is a classic design for traditional decor styles. It’s available in 6 colors, including Marsala, which is Pantone’s Color of the Year.

High Seas Shelf Liner

High Seas Shelf Liner

High Seas features stylized waves in shades of blue.

This design would work nicely in a bright white bathroom or any room where you want to evoke coastal style.

Where would you use our new modern designs?

Chic Shelf Paper Debuts Trim-to-Fit Sheets!

Today we are excited to offer a new, more affordable way to buy Chic Shelf Paper:

trim-to-fit sheets!

We've just introduced trim-to-fit sheets


Sheet sizes range from 36”W x 12”D to 48”W x 24”D.

Each sheet is available with all of Chic Shelf Paper’s designs and in any high-quality material—Laminated Vinyl, Heavy Matte Paper, and Fine Weave Fabric.

Sheets are an ideal solution for small projects and options are limitless! Line dresser drawers, create a beautiful backdrop on a bookcase or medicine cabinet, or use it for a fun DIY project.

Trim-to-fit sheet prices start at $9.95.

With this new offering, we’ve also added Priority Mail shipping options. For most locations, your order will arrive within just 3 business days. How cool is that?!

We are thrilled to offer Chic Shelf Paper by the sheet! We hope it inspires you to add a beautiful design to any place that needs some style!

Where are you going to use your Chic Shelf Paper? We love ideas!

New Chic Shelf Paper Designs? Yes, please!

We’re excited to introduce a series of new designs this Fall!

Our batik-inspired designs are offered in Earth tones which coordinate nicely with rustic decor schemes, and the batik patterns in soft pastel palettes are pretty in rooms with lots of white or cream.

For those who love flowers, Ellie’s Garden offers a cheerful mix of flowers and berries. 

Nottingham Damask is a stunning design for cabinet or bookcase backings in neutral gray/greige.

Don’t settle for run-of-the-mill Contact Paper; enjoy the best selection–and higher quality materials–at Chic Shelf Paper!

Browse all of our New Arrivals.

New Custom Color Service

We are so excited to debut our new Custom Color service, which allows you to personalize select Chic Shelf Paper patterns with any color.


Here’s how it works:

1) Find some  color inspiration–from home fabrics, wall and window coverings, or even granite or tile; options are limitless.

Pick a color--and we'll apply it to a pattern

2) Choose from select Chic Shelf Paper patterns, which include Star Crossed, Simply Swirls, and Subtle Stripe.

3) Send us fabric or paint swatch or select a color from one of Chic Shelf Paper’s 275 patterns.  The color will be applied to the pattern selected, and printed on any of our materials.

That’s it! You’ll find all of the details here.


Introducing Sweet Children’s Patterns

Chic Shelf Paper has just introduced the only children’s-themed shelf paper and drawer liner patterns on the market. Isn’t that awesome?!

In the new Children’s category at ChicShelfPaper.com, you can select from original patterns ranging from princesses and pirates to teddy bears and toddler trucks.

Here is one my favorites:

Nursery Icons

We also offer a variety of shelf liners in pastel solids and subtle stripes in colors such as peach, pink, yellow, and blue.


New Designer

We have been working with a new designer for some new, original, and exclusive patterns to offer at Chic Shelf Paper.  We’re really excited about this work and can’t wait to get these great new patterns on the Chic Shelf Paper website.

I can confidently say these new designs are like nothing you’ve ever seen in a mass produced shelf liner or contact paper.  Elegant, deep, passionate, are adjectives that describe them. When would you ever use that language to describe a Kittrich Shelf Liner or Contact Paper?

Here is a sneak peak, just a little detail. Stay tuned.  There is more to come.

The Chic Shelf Paper Peacock

My wife recently visited a local store looking to find some elements to match the colors of the peacock on our website.  She had a nice dialogue with the sales clerk and there was a realization that peacocks are starting to come en vogue.

How fortuitous.

We struggled a lot with the idea of a brand identity before we launched our website.  We wanted something fun, whimsical, with a sense of style, but something current and metaphoric.  We spent many, many days and hours on this and I can tell you from experience, good brand identity is not a simple thing.

So we thought about this idea of what are we doing here, what does this business mean to us?   The answer is helping our customers transform their personal spaces — I mean what is less exciting than the inside of an empty drawer or a white melamine closet? — into something personalized, to suite their taste and style.

We went though many concepts that really didn’t take.  And then the idea of this sort of plain bird that transforms into this exotic creature really resonated.  Based on the comments we’ve received, it sounds like it struck a tone with our customers and fans too.

The peacock turned out to be a perfect metaphor for what we do:  helping our customers transform spaces and objects from plain to beautiful.

Final Adjustments

We’re making the final adjustments to ChicShelfPaper.com website and looking forward to going “live” Monday.  This is a very exciting step for us, our first e-commerce website.

ChicShelfPaper is a new webstore that we have been putting together for the last few months.   The concept is that we intend to be the ultimate source for custom printed shelf paper and drawer liners on the internet.

After moving into a new home, we were dismayed at the lack originality of shelf papers and drawer liners we found. The idea of having to look at our possessions — from silverware and sweaters to towels and toys — sitting atop faux wood-grain or sterile white plastic shelf paper left us uninspired.

Then there was the idea of all that measuring and cutting, and the trial-and-error fitting process to install something we really weren’t crazy about anyway.

“There has to be a better way,” we told ourselves… but we couldn’t find one.

And so Chic Shelf Paper was born.

Our goal is to help homeowners enhance and enjoy their living environments by creating personalized and high-quality coverings for the storage areas in their homes. When our customers access their things by opening a drawer, or reaching for something on a shelf, we want them to feel a sense of comfort and familiarity — an ah-h moment — knowing their environment exactly reflects their taste.

Anyway, I hope some of you will visit our new website, check out our great pattern and materials, and tell your friends about ChicShelfPaper.com!