Professional Organizer Shares 10 Kitchen Organizing Tips

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed about an organizing project, check out this helpful post from professional organizer Jen of I Heart Organizing.

Titled “Client Kitchen Cabinet & Drawer Overhaul”, in just 10 steps, Jen will walk you through Inst- Knife Drawer from I heart Organizingthe fastest path to kitchen organization (or any storage area) with tips and resources.

Jen is a fan of Chic Shelf Paper and used our Charcoal Gray Subtle Stripe contact paper / shelf liner pattern in her project.

She said, “…a good shelf liner really does make a difference in protecting your cabinet and drawer surfaces. It is easy to clean and also adds some motivation to keep your drawers tidy.” (We agree!)

Not only do shelf liners provide protection, they offers a sanitary surface for new renters as well as a lovely finishing touch for kitchens, bathrooms, and storage areas where there are shelves, drawers, and cabinetry. Never under-estimated the power of chic pattern you love in the drawers and shelves you use every day.

I hope you’ll find I Heart Organizing’s how-to helpful!

Here’s the link to her tips again.

Inspiration to Realization with Chic Shelf Paper contact paper

Our Canadian customers Marcia and Joel are big fans of the Simpsons TV Show. So much so in fact, that they have transformed their kitchen into one Homer and Marge would be proud to call their own. They title it the “Homer Renovation.”


The bright colors and simple design are perfect for the animation style of the TV show, and they make a bold, joyful statement in real life!   They used some solid color Chic Shelf PaperTM rolls and covered select surfaces to match the “real” thing.  We’re impressed about what can be when you set your mind to it.  Excellent job!

The “Homer Renovation” has been picked up by many media outlets: Entertainment Weekly, NBC Today, Good Morning America, not to mention nearly every Canadian media outlet, and soon, the Daily News in the UK.

Globe and Mail Link

Not only do Marcia and Joel have an eye-catching kitchen, they are now internationally famous too!


What can YOU do with Chic Shelf Paper today?

Use Chic Shelf Paper to Transform a File Cabinet

Chic Shelf Paper was thrilled to be featured in the September 2012 issue of HGTV Magazine! The editors showcased how easy it is to turn flea market finds into fabulous items for your home in the feature, “Flea Market Flips.”  You can see from the photo that they took a boring, beige file cabinet and blinged it up with gold paint and Chic Shelf Paper’s Gold Leaf Damask pattern.  Doesn’t it look cool?!

I love the idea of recycling used household items and furniture. We can personalize things we use all the time (which is always satisfying) and save the landfills too. It’s a win-win.

Here are the complete instructions.

Materials Needed:

  • screwdriver
  • medium-grit sandpaper
  • all-purpose spray cleaner
  • paintbrush
  • acrylic primer for metal
  • latex paint
  • adhesive shelf paper
  • metal ruler
  • utility knife
  • straight edge (like an old credit card)

1. Clean and Prep

Remove the cabinet’s hardware. Note how it was assembled so you can put it back on later. Rough up the metal with the sandpaper, then wipe down the cabinet with the cleaner.

2. Prime and Paint

Prime the cabinet — except the drawer fronts, which you’ll be covering — and let dry. Then paint over the areas you primed. We used Bee’s Wax by HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams. Let dry.

3. Add Shelf Paper

Measure a drawer front and add 3/8″ to each side. Draw measurements on the back of the shelf paper (we used Chic Shelf Paper in Gold Leaf Damask, and cut with the utility knife. Unpeel the top of the paper and wrap it around the drawer’s top edge. Slowly unpeel a little more at a time, smoothing the paper over the front of the drawer, first with your hands, then with the straight edge, to eliminate air bubbles. Make a small cut in each corner of the shelf paper; neatly wrap it over the drawer’s edges. Repeat for the other drawers, then reattach the hardware, puncturing through the paper.

If you have an unusual application for Chic Shelf Paper, drop us a line! We would love to showcase it!

Stylish Storage: Medicine Cabinet

Better Homes & Gardens recently featured Chic Shelf Paper when they added a design element to an ordinary medicine cabinet. Sure, you could look at the back of a plain white cabinet several hundred times per year — or you could chic it up!

Editors selected the neutral design, Star-Crossed Ivory, for a subtle, classic look.

They measured the back of the plain, white cabinet and used the Chic Shelf Paper Cut-to-Size service to order a single piece already pre-cut.

When their order arrived, they just had to peel it and stick it to the back of the cabinet. Chic Shelf Paper is re-positionable so fine-tuning installation is easy.

What’s great about using Chic Shelf Paper in the bathroom is that it easily adds color while also protecting surfaces from spills that can stain — like cough syrup and nail polish.

Is there a space in your home that could use some Chic Shelf Paper?

Give Your Cabinet a Pop of Interest!

This was a fun order for us; it’s always rewarding to make a customer happy.

This customer lined the back of her cabinet to give it some interest. She contacted us before ordering and had some questions about how to modify her order to get exactly what she wanted.  I think it came out great!

What do you think?

Times Union Newspaper Says It Best

I am from upstate New York, near Saratoga Springs, and so I pitched the local papers about writing about Chic Shelf Paper.

Times Union “House Things” columnist Janet Reynolds wrote a lovely blog about Chic Shelf Paper, and really got the sentiment right:

“What better way to celebrate new beginnings than to empty out drawers filled with who-knows-what, cleaning them and then placing lovely, clean shelf paper that immediately brightens your mood as soon as you open the drawer?”

It’s the details…the little things that inspire a quality life.  For me, in the morning it’s good coffee and a decorative mug. In the bath, it’s quality towels.

And that’s what inspired Eric and I to create Chic Shelf Paper. Who wants white plastic paper when they can look at Flower Riot?

Flower Riot pattern

Malka In The Closet / Closet Innovations

One day last spring shortly after we launched Chic Shelf Paper, Francie and I were looking for ideas to give our fledgling company a little push. Living and working in the beautiful San Francisco Bay area, we thought the SF Design Center (for interior design) might be a great place to start.

In our visit we stumbled upon this amazing cabinetry company that we thought should be prospected for potential collaboration.

But there was no one there to speak with at the time, and for what ever reasons we were unable to make a firm contact.  And so as happens, you get busy on move on to more pressing matters.

Early this year, this very nice person sent us a note and described that she was interested in working with Chic Shelf Paper. After a quick discussion it became clear who she was: Malka Sabroe-JoHanson who works as a cabinetry designer and manufacture specializing in organization for efficiency.   Her company is CLOSET INNOVATIONS, and yes, sure enough, she is from the same company we had looked at months before at the SF Design Gallery.

So props to Malka for tracking us down!  And if you ever need amazing cabinetry or closet organization, start with Malka.  She recently published a nice write up on ChicShelfPaper and that blog and her contact information can be found here.  Check her out!

Sunset’s “Home by Sunset” Blog

Sunset Magazine wrote a sweet blog on Chic Shelf Paper….

“A company called Chic Shelf Paper has taken the reins and is offering shelf paper that I wouldn’t mind people actually seeing. In fact, I would like people to notice, just so that they could comment on how clever I was, matching my shelf paper to my kitchen counters, et al.”

You can read the full post here:

Thanks, Sunset Magazine!

Luminosity had some nice things to say about CSP

in their Hot Tips for your Kitchen article:  “When I whip open those pantry doors or rummage through drawers, I like to experience a little bit of happiness.”

Exactly our feeling — and one of the main reasons we started ChicShelfPaper!  Everyone is entitled to a little “ahh” moment, particularly when you’re in and out of many storage spaces every single day.

Think about it for a second, how many times do you open and close your utensil drawer, or dish cupboard, each day?  Shouldn’t it provide you with — in fact, shouldn’t you require it to provide you with — a little moment of pleasure each time?

Check out the article here.