Revamp a Vintage Tea Cart with Chic Shelf Paper

We love it when people think outside the box and use Chic Shelf Paper for a creative project!

Kayla from the blog,  A Delightful Place to Dwell, used our Cut-to-Size service on a tea cart she revamped. She selected the Chic Shelf Paper pattern, Interlocking Links in Peacock Blue, for a modern, updated look, and blogged about the whole process.

She even styles the bar cart afterwards–it’s so elegant!

Complete instructions are found here.

Bar Cart

House of Fifty Highlights Chic Shelf Paper

House of Fifty is a new online magazine or app that provides some lovely ideas on decorating, life style, food, trends, and design. Filled with gorgeous photos and interesting articles, grab a cup of tea, relax and get inspired.

House of Fifty just highlighted Chic Shelf Paper as great idea for people renting homes or apartments because our shelf liners won’t damage surfaces when they are removed. You can check out our mention and other ideas in the July/August issue of House of Fifty.

Paper Lace Edging

We get regular requests for paper lace edging. While we don’t sell it per se, we have found a nice source if one is looking for that vintage look to go with their updated shelf liners.

Their website says:

“The classic white doily border was a popular edging for kitchen shelving and china and linen closets during the early to mid 1900’s, and is still a much-requested item. We also have available three colors of foil paper border trims which are great for all manner of craft projects and holiday decorating. Each strip of border trim is 40″ long and 3″ wide.” They come in plain white and red, gold and green foil.

Check it out if you’re going for that classic or vintage look:

Blumchen – Paper Lace Edging

Chic Shelf Paper-ing a Built-in Entertainment Center

I want to give a shout-out to Christina Katos at No. 29 Design blog!

Christina approached us a few weeks ago about a project on her to-do list:  covering the back face of the cabinetry in a built-in entertainment center.  Covering the back of a cabinet is a fairly common project for CSP customers.

An issue she had was that Christina chose a damask pattern and wanted the pattern oriented so it ran up and down within the bookcase. Pattern orientation changes are frequent concerns for our customers.

The answer?

We are a printer, so we have a lot of flexibility for this sort of request.  We made a slight change by rotating the pattern 90 degrees and shipped her two rolls of our fine weave fabric material.  Fine weave fabric is what we recommend for vertical services; it has full adhesive backing but a dull finish so there are no reflections.  It is also easily repositionable, or easily removed without residual adhesives after some time, unlike Con-tact Paper™ and some lesser quality shelf paper/drawer liners.

The results? See for yourself—pretty spectacular! Find complete instructions here.

We found Christina’s blog to be a great resource filled with ideas, advice, and project how-tos.  Check it out: No. 29 blog.

Happy decorating!

Give Your Cabinet a Pop of Interest!

This was a fun order for us; it’s always rewarding to make a customer happy.

This customer lined the back of her cabinet to give it some interest. She contacted us before ordering and had some questions about how to modify her order to get exactly what she wanted.  I think it came out great!

What do you think?

Creative Dish

We got a nice mention in a blog post from Nicole at Creative Dish. This is a great little site with lots of cool and interesting ideas for busy people. Nicole did a nice and simple (and inexpensive) project using Chic Shelf Paper’s Mauve Memories pattern to dress up drawers under this bed.

Check out the entire post here!

One note for this project:  Because we are a print-on-demand company we have an incredible amount of flexibility.  With a bit more up front communication about this project, we could’ve actually seam-matched the six drawers on this bed for a cohesive field. If you have a special need like this just let us know an we will do what we can to help execute your project just the way you want it.

Malka In The Closet / Closet Innovations

One day last spring shortly after we launched Chic Shelf Paper, Francie and I were looking for ideas to give our fledgling company a little push. Living and working in the beautiful San Francisco Bay area, we thought the SF Design Center (for interior design) might be a great place to start.

In our visit we stumbled upon this amazing cabinetry company that we thought should be prospected for potential collaboration.

But there was no one there to speak with at the time, and for what ever reasons we were unable to make a firm contact.  And so as happens, you get busy on move on to more pressing matters.

Early this year, this very nice person sent us a note and described that she was interested in working with Chic Shelf Paper. After a quick discussion it became clear who she was: Malka Sabroe-JoHanson who works as a cabinetry designer and manufacture specializing in organization for efficiency.   Her company is CLOSET INNOVATIONS, and yes, sure enough, she is from the same company we had looked at months before at the SF Design Gallery.

So props to Malka for tracking us down!  And if you ever need amazing cabinetry or closet organization, start with Malka.  She recently published a nice write up on ChicShelfPaper and that blog and her contact information can be found here.  Check her out!


We recently enjoyed a sweet blog mention from Times Union “House Things” columnist Janet Reynolds out of Albany, New York—close to my hometown in upstate New York.

“It’s the details that can make so much of a difference, don’t you think?
Drawers can either be something you open and sigh happily at what you see or something you open, cringing, scrounging around as quickly as you can to find the object you need and then quickly slamming it shut.”

Where you have invested in the details in of your home — and loved it?


I wanted to take a moment and recognize a buddy’s brand new website:

The product he sells is called Nutralize, and it is a brand new, all natural formula to provide relief for acid reflux, heartburn and indigestion.  There are an incredible number of people in this country with chronic heartburn, and other remedies either create dependencies or are ineffective over time.   If you are suffering, or know someone who is suffering, you ought to check it out.

Bottled Happiness ?

Yes.  I wanted to give a shout-out to my Aunt’s web based business — Possets Perfume.

Fabienne Christenson has been running a custom perfumery for a few years; her take is the highest quality perfumes at the lowest possible prices, and she carries every form of perfume from the cutting edge “gourmandy” to classic chypres and magnificent florals.  Possets prides itself on quick shipping time, excellent customer service, all for a lower price than one would expect. Check it out.