Chic Shelf Paper Makeover: White Melamine Bookcase

This piece of furniture, found at our local low-cost Swedish furniture retailer, makes it an excellent candidate for a Chic Shelf Paper make-over!

With our Children’s Shelf Paper and Drawer Liner Patterns, we set out to transform this boring piece into something sweet for a kid’s room.

Step 1: Measure the depth and width of the surfaces you want to cover.  For this piece there are 11 surfaces; most will have our Jungle Animals print, and for contrast, we selected Pastel Blue and Pale Yellow as complimentary solid colors.

We did note that these shelf height holes, exposed hardware, and flaws would frankly look a lot better covered up!

Step 2– Cut the shelf paper to size (or use Chic Shelf Paper’s cut-to-size service!), and trial-fit them with the backing still in place.

Step 3 – Peel back about 1-2″ of the liner to expose the adhesive and crease the backing so it stays out of the way.

Step 4 – Align the paper with the surface, then gently press the exposed adhesive area on the surface to secure the paper in position.  If you don’t get it exactly right, don’t fret!  You can gently pull up the material and replace it where it needs to go.  Using your handy hand-squeegee (included with your order!) smooth the adhesive from the center area towards the edges. This pushes any air bubbles to the perimeter where they can exit.

Step 5 – Pull back the adhesive liner a little, maybe 2-4″ at a time, and smooth the adhesive paper in place as you go.  Again, work from the center outwards to the edges to push out any air bubbles, then across the surface until it’s complete.

Step 6– Lather, rinse and repeat <smile>until all surfaces are covered.

Step 7 – The next to last thing is to insert the shelf hardware and replace the shelves.   We just poked these shelf hangers through the covering material.

Finally – Stand back and admire your handiwork.  At this point, you just need to decide whether you want your masterpiece in the same room as your toddler ; )

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