Chic Storage

 There are a lot more uses to Chic Shelf Paper than just adding style to the shelves and drawers you use every day!

Recently, I wrapped two cardboard coffee cans with Flower Riot from Chic Shelf Paper.

"Flower Riot" saves cast-off cans from the recycle bin

You can use the up-cycled cans for pens, make-up brushes, fresh cut flowers (with a plastic insert), kitchen utensils—you name it. I’m using mine for watercolor paint brushes.

 Here’s the 411 on how to do it:

Step 1: Wash, rinse, and dry an empty can and peel off the label carefully.

Step 2: Use the label as your template to cut the correct size strip of wallpaper. Or, if the label has ripped create a new template from scrap paper.  

Step 3: We used laminated vinyl for these which already has adhesive backing.  Trim the material to width and length before removing the backing.  We used about 1″ overlap here, that is enough for good adhesion on this diameter of can (for smaller diameter, increase overlap).

That’s it, my friends. Try it and let me know how it goes!


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