Creative Cat Jungle Features Chic Shelf Paper Contact Paper

We love it when we learn about creative uses for Chic Shelf Paper! This one is from Barbra, who created free-roaming cat rooms for the Humane Society in Chattanooga, Tennessee using Chic Shelf Paper.

Don’t our Leopard Skin and Zebra designs suit this project perfectly?

cat jungle


The cat jungle features stairs as well as sleeping cubbies.

Chic Shelf Paper was also used on the window frames to continue the theme. That’s our “Tiger Skin” design!
jungle room windows


Barbra said she chose Chic Shelf Paper contact paper because it was pretty, fit her theme,  is also water- (urine) proof and can be easily cleaned in high cat traffic areas.

Barb created the cubbies from plastic crates at Target that she and her team connected together.

Lucky cats!


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