Customer Spotlight – Marty A’s kitchen facelift

Marty A. approached us in May about some help with a kitchen make over.  She was looking for new shelf and drawer liners and wasn’t sure how much she needed. . .

5/22 – (Marty A)  I am looking to update all the shelves and drawers in my kitchen and am wondering about the size/number of rolls I would need for my project. Your products are beautiful and I look forward to making my selection!  Thanks for your help.

5/23 – (Chic Shelf Paper)  We will be happy to calculate the rolls you need if you will to send the dimensions of the drawers/shelves.

5/27 – (MA)  Thanks for the information and the help.  I have received my samples and love them all.  I will get my order placed right away. Our tile in our kitchen is blue and I have been looking for something to spruce it up and I think that your product will be the perfect fit!  I have already been sharing your website with friends and family!

5/28 – (CSP) Thank you so much for order and your kind words.  We would love to see photos when you finish.

6/25 – (MA)  I have finally finished the update on my kitchen. I have enclosed a couple of pictures for you. I had no problems with the paper. I loved it and it was so easy to work with, it made my job that much easier!

6/28 – (CSP) Your project turned out looking so nice!   It looks beautiful, and I like the match of the Miami en Enero pattern with your tile, that was a great choice.

6/28 – (MA)  I also thought that the Miami en Enero pattern matched perfectly – color wise as well as style wise!   Thanks again for all your help and your wonderful product!      – Marty A, Los Banos, CA

Didn’t Marty do a nice job?

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