5-Star Customer Service

Friendly customer service is a top priority. 

If you are like us, you shake your head when you think about some of the poor customer service interactions you’ve had. Sheeesh, it’s gotten bad out there.

When we started Chic Shelf Paper, we knew one of the most important tenants of our business was to offer was great customer service.  (Notice how our customer service phone number is visible on every page — not hidden beneath some long menu?!)

Chic Shelf Paper prides itself on its friendly website and ordering process, but we are also happy to walk our customers through any project questions they have via phone or email.

Real humans answer the phones!  Give us a ring at our toll-free phone number:  (877) 333-4181.

We also offer personalized email replies. Drop us a line at sales@chicshelfpaper.com.