Calculate how much I need

First, measure every surface, recording the width and depth.

Next, access our calculator. Simply input the dimensions for each surface, and the calculator will summarize the number of rolls as well as the costs.  

You can then choose to order either the rolls or cut-to-size via our Web site.

Note: We do not include trim-to-fit sheets as an option in the calculator.

How much surface will a Chic Shelf Paper roll cover?

A small roll will cover 10 square feet; a large roll will cover 20 square feet.

If you have a double-door cupboard above the counter in your kitchen that is approximately 12″ deep, 36-40″ wide and has 3 shelves (like most kitchens do), 1 small roll of Chic Shelf Paper will cover all three shelves in that cupboard. If your kitchen has 3 similar cupboards you would need three small rolls.

Lower cabinets typically have 2 shelves so a large roll will cover 1.5 cabinets of a similar width.  If you have 3 of these (that match three upper cabinets), 2 large rolls will suffice.

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