Chic Shelf Paper is sold in 2 roll sizes, trim-to-fit sheets,  and it can also be Cut-to-Size.


Pricing April 23 final












Cut-to-Size Service

When you get your project cut-to-size, the cost is calculated by the material’s price per square foot plus $1.75. To order, simply click the “Order Cut to Size” button and enter the dimensions for each surface.


  • You save time because the pieces are ready to install upon arrival! No cutting!

  • You can often save money because you only pay for the exact amount you’ll use.

Calculate Square Feet

To calculate square feet for a surface, multiply Width (Height) times Depth and divide by 144. (HxD)/144.

For example, if your shelf is 14″ and 36″ high, that is 3.5 square feet.