Protect and Stylize Storage Spaces with Chic Shelf Paper


graphic close-up drawer

Chandelier Damask (Wheat) in a kitchen drawer.

Foods like yellow mustard, spices, wine, or soy sauce can permanently stain drawers and cupboards.

Nail polish, hair color, cough syrup, or toilet bowl cleaner can damage the finish in bathroom vanities.

Use Chic Shelf Paper to protect expensive cabinetry in your home!

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Decorative Chic Shelf Paper contact paper (and our other materials) add style to shelves, drawers, cabinetry, and built-ins with designs that delight the eye.

You use the storage areas in your home dozens of times per week. Why not add a finishing touch with a pattern you love?

Create Fresh, Easy-to Clean Surfaces

What’s been in those drawers?! Chic Shelf Paper creates fresh, sanitary surfaces in homes that were previously occupied. Use our Laminated Vinyl contact paper so older drawers, shelves, and cabinets are now easy to wipe (and keep) clean.

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Use Chic Shelf Paper for revitalizing old furniture or providing a complete makeover to flea market finds!

Browse our Pinterest board for dozens of ideas.

Cover up Flaws

Chic Shelf Paper offers a fast, stylish cover-up for  ugly stains!Stained Laminate cupboard copy