Samples FAQ

Q: Does Chic Shelf Paper offer free samples?

Yes.  Chic Shelf Paper offers up to 4 free ~3 1/2” by 6” inch samples when customers use our coupon code. We offer them free of charge so the quality and colors of our products can be evaluated before purchase.

  • Recommended if exact color match is important
  • Lead time: Up to 7 days
  • Shipped First Class Mail (not track-able)

The free sample code is in a link to the right of the “Sample” button on the pattern ordering page:









Q: What is Chic Shelf Paper’s Samples program? 

New Customers

New customers can get a discount code for free samples.  Here’s how it works:

After selecting a pattern, on Step 1 of checkout, (“Choose a Size”) click the “Free Samples Offer” link next to the “Sample” button.  The discount code will be revealed. Make a note of it.

When you are ready to place your order, enter the discount code on the last page (“Place Order”) when you click the link called “Click to enter discount code” under the Total. The cost of your sample(s) will be deducted.

Please note: You must register and be logged-in to redeem the free sample offer.  Click here to register. 

International Orders

Please note: International orders are subject to a small postage surcharge. 

Returning Customers

If you have placed a roll, sheet, or Cut-to-Size order in the past, and wish to evaluate a new set of samples for no cost, please send an email request to with the word “Samples” in the subject line. 

We will reply during regular business hours with a new code via email. Simply add the samples to the cart as normal and use your new code. 

Q: How many samples can I get?

New US customers can get up to 4 free samples. Additional samples are $1 each. Returning customers can get an additional 4 samples by emailing with the word “Samples” in the subject line. 

Q: How quickly will my sample order arrive?

Typically, we process sample orders once per week. Most customers receive samples within 7 business days of placing their order.