Inspiration to Realization with Chic Shelf Paper contact paper

Our Canadian customers Marcia and Joel are big fans of the Simpsons TV Show. So much so in fact, that they have transformed their kitchen into one Homer and Marge would be proud to call their own. They title it the “Homer Renovation.”


The bright colors and simple design are perfect for the animation style of the TV show, and they make a bold, joyful statement in real life!   They used some solid color Chic Shelf PaperTM rolls and covered select surfaces to match the “real” thing.  We’re impressed about what can be when you set your mind to it.  Excellent job!

The “Homer Renovation” has been picked up by many media outlets: Entertainment Weekly, NBC Today, Good Morning America, not to mention nearly every Canadian media outlet, and soon, the Daily News in the UK.

Globe and Mail Link

Not only do Marcia and Joel have an eye-catching kitchen, they are now internationally famous too!


What can YOU do with Chic Shelf Paper today?

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