Interior Designer Ada Gonzalez Shows How to Add a Chic Shelf Paper POP to Cabinets

Photo courtesy of Ada's Design Inc.

Photo courtesy of Ada’s Design Inc.

Chic Shelf Paper recently had the opportunity to collaborate with interior designer, Ada Gonzalez of Ada’s Design Inc. Ada is a New-York based interior decorator who specializes in economical solutions and has clients throughout the USA.

Ada used Chic Shelf Paper as a backing to transform her client’s Odessa’s dark cabinets in the living room and dining room.

blog photo ada gonzalez blue tiles after

Photo courtesy of Ada’s Design Inc.

In Ada’s words, “When you add a light color background as we did in Odessa’s cabinets, everything in front of it shows up smiling front and center strutting their beauty.” We couldn’t agree more!

Chic Shelf Paper was used in Odessa’s living room media  cabinets  (right) with our Cornflower Blue Tiles design in elegant Fine Weave Fabric. Our Tiles series can be customized with any color; learn more here.

Using Chic Shelf Paper contact paper (Laminated Vinyl) or Fine Weave Fabric as backing in bookcases, cabinets, or built-ins is easy. Ada used our Cut-to-Size  service so installation was super fast. She provided the measurements of her project during the order process and each piece arrived professionally pre-cut — just peel and stick. Our Cut-to-Size service not only saves time, but it can also save money because you only purchase the exact square feet needed. Who doesn’t love that?!

ada gonzalez dining room curio tranformation with Chic Shelf Paper.

Ikat in Lemon makes lovely backdrop on this cabinet. Barware, linens, and accessories really pop! Cabinet photo courtesy of Ada’s Design Inc.

In the dining room curio cabinet (right), Chic Shelf Paper’s contact paper design, Ikat Lemon, added a sunny contrast. The material is our durable Laminated Vinyl, which is twice the thickness of contact paper.

Check out Ada’s blog, where you get the how-to steps, complete with before and after photos.

A special thanks to Ada for her creativity with Chic Shelf Paper and the lovely accessories styling which complemented it so well.














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