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One day last spring shortly after we launched Chic Shelf Paper, Francie and I were looking for ideas to give our fledgling company a little push. Living and working in the beautiful San Francisco Bay area, we thought the SF Design Center (for interior design) might be a great place to start.

In our visit we stumbled upon this amazing cabinetry company that we thought should be prospected for potential collaboration.

But there was no one there to speak with at the time, and for what ever reasons we were unable to make a firm contact.  And so as happens, you get busy on move on to more pressing matters.

Early this year, this very nice person sent us a note and described that she was interested in working with Chic Shelf Paper. After a quick discussion it became clear who she was: Malka Sabroe-JoHanson who works as a cabinetry designer and manufacture specializing in organization for efficiency.   Her company is CLOSET INNOVATIONS, and yes, sure enough, she is from the same company we had looked at months before at the SF Design Gallery.

So props to Malka for tracking us down!  And if you ever need amazing cabinetry or closet organization, start with Malka.  She recently published a nice write up on ChicShelfPaper and that blog and her contact information can be found here.  Check her out!

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