New Use for Chic Shelf Paper: Your Cubicle

Cubicle. What comes to mind? Bland, shoebox-sized environment where you spend most of your day? I hear you!

Well, it’s doesn’t have to be thanks to The Office Stylist and its creator, Sayeh. She has some great ideas for making our work environments beautiful. Check out the fun ideas in her video, Decorating Ideas for your Cubicle, where she features Chic Shelf Paper as an easy way to add some loveliness to cubicle walls.

I love her post on adding a wall vase. Who wouldn’t love some fresh flowers during the week?

I think Chic Shelf Paper is a fun gift for a co-worker! Who wants to face a neutral cube wall all day when they can enjoy a pattern as pretty as La Isla? For male co-workers, Bronze Mesh, works great.

Do you have a unique use for Chic Shelf Paper? Let us know!

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