Welcome to the Chic Shelf Blog!

When I thought about the idea of a blog for people who like Chic Shelf Paper, only one idea made sense.  Since I scour lots of decorating and organizing blogs, magazines, and web sites for Chic Shelf Paper, why not share the best of what I find?  

If you’re like me, you live a busy life. Between keeping up with family and friends, working, food purchase and prep, household chores, gardening, and making time for relaxation—who has time to waste?!

What can you expect from the Chic Shelf Paper blog? Quick, easy-to-digest home decor ideas,  unique and fun web sites to browse and visit, and musings and advice for the busy homeowner you are. 

In the process, you’ll learn a bit more about the duo (Francie + Eric) behind Chic Shelf Paper–at least MY views, stories, and opinions  <wink>!


Wow, I look happy, don’t I?

This pic was taken on vacation–sigh!

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