Professional Organizer Shares 10 Kitchen Organizing Tips

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed about an organizing project, check out this helpful post from professional organizer Jen of I Heart Organizing.

Titled “Client Kitchen Cabinet & Drawer Overhaul”, in just 10 steps, Jen will walk you through Inst- Knife Drawer from I heart Organizingthe fastest path to kitchen organization (or any storage area) with tips and resources.

Jen is a fan of Chic Shelf Paper and used our Charcoal Gray Subtle Stripe contact paper / shelf liner pattern in her project.

She said, “…a good shelf liner really does make a difference in protecting your cabinet and drawer surfaces. It is easy to clean and also adds some motivation to keep your drawers tidy.” (We agree!)

Not only do shelf liners provide protection, they offers a sanitary surface for new renters as well as a lovely finishing touch for kitchens, bathrooms, and storage areas where there are shelves, drawers, and cabinetry. Never under-estimated the power of chic pattern you love in the drawers and shelves you use every day.

I hope you’ll find I Heart Organizing’s how-to helpful!

Here’s the link to her tips again.

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