Quick Start Guide

1) Select your Design

From the Home page click “Browse” in the upper left of the screen or just click here.

Click View All and all the designs will be listed in alphabetical order.

Go to the top right, select how many designs to display at once. Select “100” (the last choice in the pull-down menu) for fast viewing.

All designs are printed on all materials so the categories are only guides.

Each new customer can enjoy 4 free samples if an exact color match is important. Additional samples are $1 each. Read more about our samples program here.

2) Measuring

Measuring tips for drawers, shelves, and cabinets are found here.

A refresher on reading a tape measure

3) What’s the most economical way to order? All about Rolls, Sheets and Cut-to-Size.

If you want to estimate how much you’ll need, read “How much surface will a Chic Shelf Paper roll cover?” in this section.

Find out if buying rolls or using our Cut-to-Size service is more economical (there’s no waste!) by visiting the Shelf Paper Calculator:

Type in your project’s measurements:

input measurements quick start

“Summary Pricing” will display starting cut-to-size and roll prices / sizes. For prices on a specific material, view the “Most Popular Products” chart below Summary Pricing. The Calculator also determines how many rolls you need.

Cut to Size service

Besides possibly saving money with the Cut to Size service, you will save time. Your project arrives pre-cut and ready to install. Read more here.


Rolls are 10 feet in length and are sold in either 12″ or 24″ depth. Chic Shelf Paper roll sizes are optimized for upper and lower cabinetry in typical kitchens–unlike the rolls sold in stores.

Small project?

Consider trim-to-fit sheets, sold in 4 sizes.

4) Material Choices

Chic Shelf Paper’s easily removable Laminated Vinyl is similar, though higher quality, than contact paper.

Heavy Matte Paper works great for drawer liners and has no adhesive.

Fine Weave Fabric (adhesive-backed) is an elegant choice for closets. It’s the also the recommended material for vertical surfaces.

Learn more about all of our materials here.

More questions? Visit our Learn section or email Jenna@chicshelfpaper.com.

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