Stylish Storage: Medicine Cabinet

Better Homes & Gardens recently featured Chic Shelf Paper when they added a design element to an ordinary medicine cabinet. Sure, you could look at the back of a plain white cabinet several hundred times per year — or you could chic it up!

Editors selected the neutral design, Star-Crossed Ivory, for a subtle, classic look.

They measured the back of the plain, white cabinet and used the Chic Shelf Paper Cut-to-Size service to order a single piece already pre-cut.

When their order arrived, they just had to peel it and stick it to the back of the cabinet. Chic Shelf Paper is re-positionable so fine-tuning installation is easy.

What’s great about using Chic Shelf Paper in the bathroom is that it easily adds color while also protecting surfaces from spills that can stain — like cough syrup and nail polish.

Is there a space in your home that could use some Chic Shelf Paper?

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