Stylizing Storage Spaces with Patterns that Coordinate

For an interesting twist on styling your storage spaces, consider using two designs that coordinate.  

This look is works well for:

Kitchen or Pantry: Use one design for cupboards and another for drawers.

Built-ins or Bookcases: Use one design for the back of the bookcase and another on the shelves. Fine Weave Fabric is the right material for vertical surfaces, which must be flat and not textured. In a built-in, alternate designs for chic style.


First Row: Cubism (Mauve) and Aquamarine Second Row: Nottingham Damask and Light Gray Third Row: Mod Plaid and Pool Blue Polka Dot

Linen Closet: Alternative designs on each shelf.

Drawer Liners: Alternate designs in a dresser, or if you’re covering drawers in vanity, use one style for drawers and another for the cupboard portion.

Select one material to use for your project. (Inks print differently on each material.) You’ll also want to order samples to ensure you get the match you want because color interpretation can be subjective.

Last step? Send photos! We would love to showcase your creativity? Send them to

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