The Chic Shelf Paper Peacock

My wife recently visited a local store looking to find some elements to match the colors of the peacock on our website.  She had a nice dialogue with the sales clerk and there was a realization that peacocks are starting to come en vogue.

How fortuitous.

We struggled a lot with the idea of a brand identity before we launched our website.  We wanted something fun, whimsical, with a sense of style, but something current and metaphoric.  We spent many, many days and hours on this and I can tell you from experience, good brand identity is not a simple thing.

So we thought about this idea of what are we doing here, what does this business mean to us?   The answer is helping our customers transform their personal spaces — I mean what is less exciting than the inside of an empty drawer or a white melamine closet? — into something personalized, to suite their taste and style.

We went though many concepts that really didn’t take.  And then the idea of this sort of plain bird that transforms into this exotic creature really resonated.  Based on the comments we’ve received, it sounds like it struck a tone with our customers and fans too.

The peacock turned out to be a perfect metaphor for what we do:  helping our customers transform spaces and objects from plain to beautiful.

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