To the Trade: Quick Start Guide

Hello! Follow these easy steps to place an order. 

Select your Design

From the Home page click “Browse” in the upper left of the screen.

Click View All and all the designs will be listed in alphabetical order — just like the graphic below:

view all

Go to the top right, select how many designs to display at once. For fast viewing, select “100” (the last choice in the pull-down menu.)

Click a pattern to select it.

All designs are printed on all materials so the categories are only guides.

1) Choose a Size

After you’ve clicked on a design, you’ll be presented with 4 size options: Rolls, Sheets, Cut to Size, and Sample.


For fast, easy installation for clients, consider our Cut-to-Size service. Your project arrives pre-cut and ready to install.  Just click “Enter Your Measurements” to start adding your project’s dimensions. 

If you have a large Cut-to-Size project with more than 6-8 pieces, it may be easier to input your measurements in our Excel worksheet. Just download it and follow the instructions.


Rolls are 10 feet in length and are sold in either 12″ or 24″ depths. Chic Shelf Paper roll sizes are optimized for upper and lower cabinetry in typical kitchens unlike the rolls sold in stores.

To estimate how many rolls you’ll need, read “How much surface will a Chic Shelf Paper roll cover?” in this section.

Small project? Consider trim-to-fit sheets, sold in 4 sizes.

If an exact color match is important, order samples with the coupon code in the welcome email we sent. Samples are ~3 1/2” by 6” inches. We print all samples each Monday. You can order up to 6 samples for each client.

Read more about samples here.

2) Choose a Material

Chic Shelf Paper’s easily removable Laminated Vinyl is similar, though higher quality, than contact paper. It’s ideal for any area that’s exposed to water.

Heavy Matte Paper works great for drawer liners and has no adhesive.

Fine Weave Fabric (adhesive-backed) is an elegant choice for closets. It’s the also the recommended material for vertical surfaces.

Learn more about all of our materials here.

3) Add to Cart

Now that you’ve selected your design, size, and material, you proceed to step 3, the shopping cart. When you enter the quantity, the price of your roll, Cut-to-Size piece, or sheet (before discounts) is automatically displayed.


You can also enter a description of where your selected pattern will be used — either the room (“Bathroom Vanity”) or precise location. For example, in a large kitchen project you might write “Cookware Drawer  #1.”

When finished, select the orange “Add to Cart” button.

Questions? Visit our Learn section or email

Thanks for your time today!






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