We Want To Be In Your Drawers!

Many customers are searching for non-adhesive shelf liners. Yup, we got ‘em.

Just order your favorite Chic Shelf Paper pattern in Heavy Matte Paper or Satin Canvas—both are available withoutadhesive.  The material descriptions are here.

Non-adhesive liners are great for drawers, or any storage areas that aren’t going to get a lot of wear and tear. Of course, a great fit will keep non-adhesive shelf paper or drawer liner in place too so consider Chic Shelf Paper’s cut-to-size service. Just input your project’s measurements when ordering.

What I love about lining your drawers with beautiful paper or fabric is every time you open the drawer, you can enjoy a nice experience. I’ve done that with my make-up drawer. It had a plywood-type interior so in desperation, I put down a white linen towel (but of course that wasn’t easy to keep clean.)

Now, it sports Ribbons of Joy in Lavender to match the amethyst marble in our bathroom, and every time I open the drawer, it makes me happy.

(As a side benefit, it has also inspired me to keep my make-up drawer really tidy!)

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